Minimum Mandatory Sentences for Young People

Minimum mandatory sentences are not the solution to youth crime

Minimum mandatory sentences have been proposed by the Victorian government with the aim of deterring individuals from crime. This will remove the court's discretion to consider the particular circumstances of the offender and may lead to disproportionate sentencing.

When it comes to sentencing, one size does not fit all, especially in the case of young people. Current laws provide special protections for young people due to their level of emotional and mental development. Furthermore, research shows there is a lower risk of re-offending associated with community-based orders as opposed to custodial sentences.

This fact sheet explains why minimum mandatory sentencing in Victoria should be avoided and proposes a number of smarter alternatives.


Download this fact sheet below:

Minimum Mandatory Sentences for Young People 340 KB


Some further resources:

Youthlaw Submission to the Sentencing Advisory Council (Victoria), July 2011. Download

Sentencing Advisory Council (Victoria) report 'Statutory Minimum Sentences for Gross Violence Offences', April 2011. Download



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