Myths and Facts of Youth Offending

Myths of youth offending are widespread and mostly unfounded

Media reports often claim Victoria is experiencing a wave of youth crime, prompting calls for tougher penalties and higher numbers of police on our streets. But are we getting the full story when it comes to youth offending?

SJ4YO members YACVic in collaboration with The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare   prepared this hand info sheet that lays out the facts in the the youth justice conversation. YOu can also download and print out the infographic factsheet for refence too.


Download this fact sheet below:

Youth Offending  - know the facts PDF March- 2017



Some further resources:

Youth Crime


Youth Detention Population in Australia Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (2017)


Youth Offenders (Victoria) (Australian Bureau of Statisitcs (2018) Australian Bureau of Statisitics (2018)


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